Michael and Karen Crowe / Licensed Home Inspector / Certified Mold Inspector


Is Your Home or Office Making You Sick?

At EnviroSpect Northwest we provide peace of mind with our assessments, inspections and testing.


We provide many Property Inspection Services, the list below is just the start: 
 - Home and Business Indoor Environmental Assessments
 - Sick Building Syndrome

 - Allergen Sampling

 - Mold Assessments (Mold Inspections), Sampling and Solutions
 - Mold Testing
 - Bacteria Sampling
 - Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Assessments
 - Radon Testing

We perform unbiased assessments and inspections providing analysis with solutions. 

We are not a remediation company or a general contractor, that is a conflict of interest.


Don't forget to have clearance testing done on your home after cleaning up water damaged materials to ensure you do not have a mold issue!  It is better to know if there is a problem before you put everything back in it's place.


Why should you have an environmental inspection?

You may be at risk for health problems arising from exposure to mold, allergens, bacteria or other environmental hazards that threaten clean air quality.

Do you have difficulty breathing or suffer from chronic asthma-like symptoms?

Have you had any water intrusion in your home or business such as a damp attic or crawlspace?

Have you experienced any prolonged illness which is not responsive to medication

We are trained to detect and identify the presence of environmental hazards, and to locate the cause and origin of the problem so that it can be detected.